After seeing this Fashionista wear a loose-fitted tee to the Vampire Weekend concert at the IU auditorium, it made me question whether style really had to be sacrificed for comfort. By the looks of it, being stylish is always a possibilit. As Tim Gunn says, "Make it work."

So, for the recently announced Passion Pit concert at the IU auditorium on Oct. 23 or The Tallest Man on Earth show at the Bluebird Nightclub on Sept. 21, try dressing in something similar to the Fashionista. Maintain comfort, but try and push the boundaries of style. My favorite top so far is this byCORPUS safari button-down shirt. The weight of the shirt is perfect for transitioning from your summer wardrobe into fall. And this fall, my fellow Fashionistas and I on IU's campus are definitely into button-down shirts, so give it a try. Although it doesn't necessarily have the button-down vibe, I love the white washed-out look and the lightweight fabric of this LNA Blouse Tee. And before American Apparel goes bankrupt, snag this Chiffon Oversized Button-Up in Lieutenant or Maiz.

Hint: Wear any of these loose-fitted tops with a black pair of these BDG high rise cigarette jeans or Levi's slight curve skinny jeans.

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