When I first spotted these Fashionistos, my first reaction was, “Wait is that Dan Radcliffe?” (I mean, come on, you see it- right?). The inner-Harry Potter nerd in me was slightly devastated when it was only his doppelganger, but those feelings quickly subsided when I spotted this Fashionisto and his equally fashionable friend sporting some killer backpacks.

As I have mentioned before, fellas tend to frown on accessories and usually leave them for their female counterparts. But backpacks are sex neutral because, as college students, we all need them to tote our books and laptops to and from class. However, just because something is a necessity doesn't mean it can't be equally stylish. I love the unique color choice these Fashionistos opted for. A pop of color is a easy and exciting way to elevate this accessory you have most likely been carrying since the age of five.

If you have been carrying the same knapsack since freshman year of high school (or, if you just want to update you current carryall), ditch your current backpack and look for something fresh and exciting. The look is guaranteed to be magic.

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