STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Make Nautical Your Own

The nautical look is making its way back on the fashion scene yet again with Fashionistas wearing stripes in nautical colors all around campus. Typically seen in blues and whites with the occasional anchor emblem, today's Fashionista diverges from this standard combo with an asymmetrical black and white striped top.

Gearing up for the warmer weather, this Fashionista lost the sleeves on her shirt and breaks away from the bateau-style, long sleeved shirt that we commonly associate nautical stripes with. Capped off with an obnoxiously cool bun, this Fashionista's style is worth noting.

While getting into nautical themed springwear always makes the anticipation of summer more fun, don't let yourself become too much of a follower with this trend. Find ways, like today's Fashionista, to take alternative routes and show individualism.

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