Let me just make a huge disclaimer before I begin: I love menswear. Not just love, adore. No, not just adore, I'm obsessed. However, being female bodied can make it difficult to experience my adoration to the fullest. I have hips and curves and all those parts that don't necessarily look the best in a menswear cut. This week's Fashionista solves this predicament perfectly though with her menswear inspired outfit that infuses a complementary level of femininity alongside it.

What are some of the basic menswear essentials? I always think monochromatic, structured and classic when I think menswear. This Fashionista hits up all of these basic necessities. She checks off monochromatic with her gray skinny jeans and solid V-neck shirt. Layering on top of this base layer of monochromatic items, she checks off another important menswear necessity with a comfy white cardigan and well-structured tweed blazer. These two items, while giving the look an essential menswear vibe with their clean and sharp lines, also add a touch of femininity. Their shrunken fit outlines the female silhouette rather than masking it, making this a perfect menswear-inspired look.

Lastly, this Fashionista adds a classic touch with her brown leather lace-up booties. Their worn-in look offsets some of the crisper elements of her outfit, making her look more comfy and cozy. A bonus menswear essential is a tone of ruggedness, so don't be afraid to scuffle up those pristine booties!

This look is an instant classic for those obsessed with menswear, like I am. While it may be hard to bridge the gap between what is categorically “male” and “female” in fashion, I believe the challenge always results in major rewards. Go ahead and blur those boundaries but also don't forget to complement your body shape with items that give definition (especially for women!). Menswear-inspired fashion is here to stay. My advice? Might as well find a good fit now!

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