Recently, androgyny styled clothing has affected both male and female fashions. There are always debates and controversy when people take this to the extreme (which I witnessed first hand during my trip to Tokyo). But as a female, and one who gets tired of always showing my legs, taking inspiration from men's fashion is far too comfortable to ignore.

Take note from today's Fashionista, who incorporated elements of masculinity into her outfit with the use of trouser pants. She stuck with a fitted camisole to show off her feminine curves and create a sophisticated look while walking to class. 

My favorite trouser silhouette this fall is the pegged leg pant. For reasonable priced trousers Zara or ASOS are great options and, if your willing to splurge on an investment piece, try these.

Hint: To take this look up a notch over the weekend, throw on a chunky pair of your boyfriend's wool socks, a Mary Jane heel and your set to go. Inspired from Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 RTW

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