STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: March into Fabulous

As the leaves on the trees transform into rich colors of dark greens and browns, it’s the perfect time to integrate the rich color palette of fall into every Fashionista’s closet. The always-traditional apparel of our fighting patriots has now crossed over to the modern lines of fashion in military chic. So prepare to fight the ever-growing expansion of ugly outfits with every ounce of CollegeFashionista patriotism you have.

The trick of making this seemingly too-tough style look chic is to incorporate feminine pieces into your look to balance out the masculinity of the military pieces. To achieve the same effortlessly cool style as this Fashionista, pair girly summer favorites such as high-waisted skirts or frilly frocks with the surprisingly tough touch of combat boots. This Fashionista ventures further to also sport a cropped military-inspired blazer that works with the proportion of her sunshine-yellow flowy skirt. Try this black high-collared jacket from French Connection that is flattering on all body types. A touch of military chic is all you need to look totally effortless. Nothing is cooler than keeping that pretty feminine feel while also having the edge every fashionista craves.

To top off the overall look, it’s important to accessorize accordingly. This Fashionista does it well by wearing a chunky gold watch paired with chained necklaces that add to the femininity of the look. I’m obsessed with the large diameters of men’s watches. Any bulky watch adds a cool effect to all types of outfits—not to mention they’re also totally practical to keep your life on track. I love the larger version of this Fashionista’s gold watch by Michael Kors (I own it; it’s so fabulous). Like any military piece, a masculine watch is an unexpected edge that brings a little fun to any outfit. Don't be afraid to try new trends; chances are, if you're bold enough to try it, you're bold enough to work it. I will always give credit to those who do their homework. So even if a trend doesn't work for you, just the fact that you know what's up gets you props from the fashion world. Congrats fashion patriot, you're invited to the Rally to Restore Good Looks (date and permission TBA). 

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