STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mastering the Cropped Sweater

Crop tops have become more and more popular because of some of the most daring Fashionistas. I mean, how many times have you picked up a top at a store thinking it was to die for, and not realizing it was a crop top until you were trying it on, so you ended up putting it back on the rack? Can you say, serious buzz-kill?

The main issue with the crop top’s lack of popularity has been due to the lack of self confidence and a negative body image; therefore, it could be considered a pretty difficult clothing item to pull off, at least for some Fashionistas.

This week’s Fashionista definitely knows how to pull off her cropped sweater and skinny jeans ensemble with confidence! I feel like cropped sweaters don’t get enough credit because of one’s fear that they’ll end up looking like it was purchased at Baby Gap, or that they'll look like one of those awkward tight old lady button-up sweaters. Do you know what I mean? So, in hopes of avoiding that, I will list some tips that you can try out to finally rock that crop top.

Any kind of crop top that you’re planning on wearing anywhere outside of your bedroom should be loose fitting or oversized. Starting with the most basic kind of cropped sweater, if you’re tall like me, you should be taking the length into consideration and looking for something a little more subtle so that you don’t seem like you have mistaken the grocery store for the belly dancing studio. Another type would be one that is cropped in the front, but longer in the back; this is my personal favorite because it can be worn with leggings or pocket-less pants. Then there’s the cropped cardigans that can be worn with or without a tank underneath. Any of these styles look great with skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings and can be paired up with any kind of shoe and a bunch of bracelets and bangles to top it off.

There are many different kinds of cropped sweater styles out there; you just have to keep trying to find the one that you feel the most confident in. Always remember, confidence is the key to looking your absolute best.

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