As we approach summer, bright colors and sunglasses reign supreme. However, consideration must me made to the rainiest part of the year, and the misery that ensues when you’re stuck outside ill-prepared for the torrent. This Fashionista wears happy spring colors in weather-proof form. She keeps boots on, since that morning it was rainy, long sleeves for wind protection and funky sunglasses for a little spring personality. Flannel is the ultimate laid-back look and she pulls it off by complimenting the colors of the shirt to the colors of her jeans, boots and accented colors of the sunglasses.

Mix and matching colors and prints is not for the timid dresser, nor is it for the careless one. Putting together a mixed print outfit that makes sense requires an aware person. However, the result is a super fun, fashionable and interesting outfit. This Fashionista pulls it off nicely by matching the black and purple secondary colors of her shirt to the black and purple secondary colors of her sunglasses.

Hint: Never match all of the colors perfectly. It is hard to look at and comes off as a little insane. Instead, choose one or two colors that will become the theme and then choose patterns that use them as accents. This way, everyone who is in awe of your incredible use of mix and matching skills will understand the outfit and compliment accordingly.

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