Patterns, metallics, trends, seasons: nothing is safe from a little mixing and matching anymore, and I am glad. The unexpected combination of a floral skirt and striped top, the clash of a gold and silver bangle stacked atop one another — nothing brings more warm fuzzies to my heart than seeing Fashionistas play around with style so freely. So when I saw this one perusing the streets of downtown in an artful combination of every material worth wearing, including wool, cotton, leather, silk and denim, I felt the pure, unadulterated sartorial bliss only a Fashionista could feel.

This Fashionista threw on a little bit of this, a little bit of that and a pinch of something else to put together an undeniably city-chic ensemble. Her can’t-miss red wool beret and striped silk shell lend an air of sophistication to the look, while her black tights under jean shorts and her part-sweatshirt, part-leather jacket bring an edgy grunge appeal. Such are the fabulous effects of an outfit consisting of almost every material imaginable.

Don’t settle for just any outfit. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: a ton of fun, on trend materials are at your disposal this fall, so wear them! Add a fur vest to your leather frock. Throw on a ribbon belt with your suede shorts. Top a velvet shirt with a jeweled collar. The possibilities are endless, Fashionistas. So take one, and run with it. Then mosey on back and take off with a new one the next day!

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