STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Maximize Your Maxi Dress

Ask any Fashionista for a list of her top five summer wardrobe must-haves and I’m more than willing to bet you my entire closet that a maxi dress makes the cut. They’re absolutely perfect for any occasion — going to the beach, shopping with your friends, going out for a nice dinner, you name it and your maxi’s a surefire hit. Standing at a mere five feet, I’ve always been that girl that uses the “I’m too short” excuse to avoid trying on one of these casual floor length dresses. My whole perception on petite girls never being able to pull off maxi dresses changed when I started working in retail. Rather than looking overwhelmed with all of the fabric of a maxi dress, shorter girls rocking properly fitting maxis actually appeared taller and thinner (both reasons enough to get me to fall in love!). 

As I hit the streets searching for this week’s STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK muse, I was instantly drawn to this Fashionista who is maxed out in style. She is a fashionable force in her sheer tan and brown vertically striped maxi dress accessorized with a white beaded necklace, chunky Michael Kors watch and fringe bag. While she keeps her outfit within a neutral color scheme, adding a slight pop of hot pink on her nails and purse is a brilliant way to add a stylish surprise.

Now is the time for you to incorporate a maxi dress into your wardrobe. On those summer days you just don’t feel like putting that much effort into getting ready, grab your maxi dress and throw on a few accessories; it’s a super easy way to look fabulous! This deep red jersey maxi dress is essential for any Fashionista’s closet. Wrap this vintage-inspired bicycle print scarf around your neck, style your hair with soft, beach waves and slip on these braided sandals for an effortless summer look. Here’s an extra tip — this red dress can also be transitioned into the fall by wearing it with this forest green cardigan, woven belt and brown leather flats. By carrying your maxi dress into the next season, you’ll be able to maximize your maxi dress in style!

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