Ever since I was little I loved to get all dolled up and believe me, I wore some outrageous outfits back in the day — most of which my mother didn’t actually allow me to leave the house in. But regardless of how complex and twisted my eclectic outfits were, I always had one idea rigidly set in my mind: Long skirts and dresses were serious business better left to the professionals, or in this case adults. I spent most of my teenage years avoiding any skirts that dipped past my knees let alone those that swept my ankles. They always seemed to be so mature and way out of my league. But one day it hit me, what was I waiting for? I am old enough to drive a car, live on my own and cook my own food. I must be old enough to sport this mature look, too. And so I threw caution to the wind and purchased my first maxi dress and boy was it was a great addition to my wardrobe.

This week’s Fashionista serves as an excellent example to prove my younger self wrong. Who (other than my crazy self) ever said maxi dresses had to be a serious matter? Check out her fun dress filled with patterns, some silky accents and how stylin’ it all looks under a cool denim jacket. The pastel colors of the dress look fabulous with sun kissed skin and the pair of brown leather wedges pull the look together.

To get a look like this Fashionista’s try this festive floral maxi dress with your favorite pair of wedges or gladiators and a true blue denim vest on a hot day. Throw on a few bangles and you are ready to embrace your new mature and maxi look!

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