These days men are just as fashionable as us women and sometimes they even outshine us. We often forget that less is sometimes more but instead we suffocate our style with way too much accessories. Simple is better and this week's Fashionisto exemplifies just that. 

This week's Fashionisto is wearing a polo shirt from the American classic, Ralph Lauren. You can't get anymore simpler than Ralph Lauren but it makes a bold fashion statement. The classic-fit mesh polo comes in many different colors for everyone's different taste. The Fashionisto's boot cut jeans are from Express and right now if you purchase one pair of jeans, you get the second pair 50% off!

The Fashionisto is strutting his style in stylish kicks from Clarks. Clark shoes are comfortable and perfect for any occasion according to this week's Fashionisto. You can always tell by a man's watch what type of person they are and this Fashionisto's watch makes a statement. His watch is from Kenneth Cole and it's stylish yet it symbolizes simplicity. 

So this is a message for all the Fashionistos and Fashionistas out there; Less is more and simple is sometimes better. Let's show our style without all the extras.

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