STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Menswear for Dinner

For Thanksgiving this year make a statement at dinner with bold menswear. The menswear trend has been around for a while now and is still here to stay. You can either wear men’s attire subtly or extravagantly as these two Fashionistas did. They have successfully combined street and runway style and created an edgy look. This Fashionista on the right, wore a large bow that went perfectly with her striped cardigan and oxford button down shirt. If this look is a bit too daring for you, stick to an oxford button down with trousers or tan khakis and oversized sweaters for a subtler look. Menswear attire is classic and trendy – a perfect combination for Thanksgiving dinner. If you are going to a flashier Thanksgiving dinner dress up these looks with a pair of fur ankle boots or a sheer oxford shirt for Thanksgiving dinner.

Don’t go to another holiday dinner wearing a cliché dress and flats. Spice things up and make a statement. 


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