STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Menswear for Women

Gender roles play a huge part in our society and so does fashion. Society and culture are ever-changing, just like the fashion industry; the clothes we wear define us and I love women that embrace menswear inspired clothing. Coco Chanel was one of the first pioneers to push the envelope and advance the fashion industry to a new level. Thank you Coco Chanel for modernizing our ways of thinking and dressing.

Firstly, try to incorporate menswear into your closet, by adding pieces like this Fashionista’s oxford shoes (you may call them brogues or jazz shoes), whatever you will, you need at least a pair. For a different style, try loafers, they have a more laid back look. Try the oversized blazer or in this fashionista’s case, try a shorter double-breasted houndstooth jacket which she got at Goodwill for $6! If your outfit starts to look in your terms “too masculine”, put your hair down and dress it up with a few chain necklaces. You can always wear a skirt to make your outfit a little more feminine.

Whether you are male or female, we have a little bit of each other in us. Take more risks and bring out the masculine or feminine side in you. Although, we live in a society where people are judgmental and harsh, don’t fear the judgment and criticism, let your style speak for itself.

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