STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Menswear Inspiration

Students around campus have all sorts of ideas that inspires their personal styles. This week's Fashionista incorporated menswear pieces into her look with a dark colored jacket and a loose blue buttoned down shirt. But this Fashionista isnt the first to do so. Katharine Hepburn pushed the envelope in the 1940s by making pants stylish and years later it has become a staple. The actress Ingrid Bergman from the movie Casablanca mixed seperates with menswear tailoring. When being inspired by menswear pieces nobody can forget the movie Annie Hall. Diane Keaton wore vests as well as ties when she played the part of Annie Hall in Woody Allens film and ended up being labeled a style icon.

This look is easy to attain. Try a loose shirt such as this one from C&C California. They always have a great selection of basic tops to choose from. Cropped jeans like these Earnest Sewn ones are perfect for riding boots and flats because they won't bunch up and they make an outfit look super sleek. Lastly, a pair of shoes always makes the outfit come together. These Madewell boots are suede and have a small heel are perfect for a night out or even when your headed to class.

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