Militaries across the world have been wearing laced, leather boots in combat for centuries. Most commonly called combat boots and often nicknamed “rangers,” this style boot is being seen more and more out of the trenches and onto the streets. Some may say that it first appeared as a street style in the '60s when Pete Townshend of The Who began wearing Dr. Martens during their shows. Maybe that’s why these boots continued to be thought of as a fashion trend for the rebellious, such as grunge or punk styles. Today even more Fashionista/os are finding opportunities to incorporate combat boots into their wardrobes with new designs of the classic military boot.

I spotted this Fashionista as she was walking to class and I immediately fell in lust with her knee-high combat boots. Wearing simple black leggings and a loose-fit lilac top, she makes them the focal point of her look. The Victorian-esque twist on this pair of boots with the thin laces and fitted design makes them stand out from the crowd. If you’d like a similar look to this Fashionista’s pair, try these boots by Jeffrey Campbell from Free People. Wear the natural/blue pair with tights and tweed blazer for a polished look. I also love the Sabrina G6 Lace Up and Veronica Combat from Fyre Boots. Both make for a more traditional military-inspired look. Pair them skinny jeans and a classic flannel; or wear them with a sundress for a '90s inspired look. You could even try doing combat boots in a funky color, like army green. Combat boots are being re-designed in a ton of different ways, so don’t think this style isn’t right for you. You’re bound to find a pair you love!

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