Back in 1965, Yves Saint Laurent showcased a surprisingly short skirt in his autumn/winter collection, and from then on the era was replete with the tiny cuts of cloth. But today, mini skirts have been making a steady come back. This summer on campus, mix it up with a high-waisted a-line mini and fitted cropped white T-shirt.

Mini skirts are one of the toughest looks to carry off, and are often only attempted by the most daring. Today’s Fashionista has avoided a fashion flop by opting for a flattering full skirted, a-line mini. The A-line cut serves two very important functions. First, it lengthens and slims the legs and second, it defines the waist. This shape works on almost everyone and is a must have piece. Worn with a pair of strappy red textured sandals, this Fashionista has created a fun and flattering ensemble. To accentuate her waistline and the gold detailing on her skirt, this Fashionista wears a fitted cropped t-shirt, which contrasts with both her skirt and her colourful sandals. A cropped T-shirt transforms this ensemble into a fun and playful outfit, perfect for on campus.

The mini skirt trend makes an appearance in summer and winter months, and thus provides Fashionista’s with a staple piece all year round. In colder months team a mini-skirt with tights, ankle boots and a cropped jacket. Alternatively, this Fashionista could dress up her outfit with a pair of high heeled boots, an edgy cream button-up shirt and a gold statement necklace.

This week, try out the 1960s mini skirt trend on campus. To emulate this Fashionista’s style be sure to scroll through American Apparel’s vast array of A-line mini skirts and cropped T-shirts.  


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