Mixing and matching doesn’t come naturally to me- I never know when its too much or going too far with combining various patterns and prints. The art of combining your paisleys and plaids without going over board requires a delicate balance to achieve a sort of orderly randomness and possibly an awesome ensemble. I love how this Fashionista subtly uses various textures and patterns to get a perfectly balanced mixed and matched outfit. The navy striped sweater is a great piece on its own but paired with the oversized gray sweater creates a cozy and comfy layered look without being too bulky. However, the first thing I noticed about this Fashionista’s outfit was her awesome scarf worn knotted at the front.

The scarves bold colors of deep red with some army green and blues add a punch to the outfit and the pattern creates just enough contrast with the striped sweater. Because of the excellent mixing and matching of these pieces she doesn’t need to go overboard with accessories or the rest of her outfit. She opts for simple black leggings and dark boots on the bottom, anything too intricate might be too much with the other patterns and take away from the overall look. She also wears a simple gold pendent necklace adding just the right touch of femininity to her oversized sweaters without distracting from the rest of her sartorial pieces.

The result is a perfect combination of cozy knits with feminine touches and just the right balance of mixed patterns and materials.

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