To all of my fellow Fashionistas(os) out there, we all have those few unique items in our closets that we wore once because we felt we could only rock them a certain way/with specific items of clothing…and there they are hanging in our closets going to waste! This STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK is focusing on one important style trend that will change the way you view your closet: dare to be distinct, mixing and matching different pieces in your wardrobe. 

This Fashionista successfully captures this daring mix and match style trend. Looking completely casual and chic on the cobblestone sidewalks of Boston, this model confidently lives her fashion life on the edge. For a breezy, sunny October afternoon, she keeps it classy with a blue chiffon button-down shirt from H&M, tucked into a pair of Urban Outfitters navy blue high-waisted shorts. The two shades of blue favorably compliment each other. The darker denim blue makes the light blue shirt pop. Keeping it warm and cozy, she smartly decided to throw over an edgy, modern, patterned, silk blazer purchased from Ardene. She completed her look with chunky pearl and silver bracelets from Etsy and nude patent leather flats.

A quick first look at this trendy patterned blazer displayed in a store window can be intimidating. It can be perceived as what I call a “dead-end carticle of clothing”, a piece you only wear once and think that you have nothing to wear with it. There are so many pieces you can pair with something as funky as this! This Fashionista has a true eye for fashion, realizing that not only can she sport this silky blazer with jeans, leather boots and a fitted tank top, but that she can also mix and match it with another totally different look. She transformed this fun business-classy outfit, consisting of the chiffon top and high-waisted shorts, into a fierce boho chic ensemble, completed with the patterned, silk blazer. 

One item can dramatically create an entire look! Whether it is a funky patterned sweater, scandalous colored shoes or a vintage-looking Kentucky Derby hat, remember to always keep your fashion eye keen. Dare to be unique when it comes to expressing your style. Many times intimidating pieces are the ones that really create that “wow” look. Chic brand, Silence & Noise, carries a wide variety of hip, sharp and trendy tops and blazers.

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Who doesn’t love to mix and match? The satisfaction of walking to class, knowing that you’ve crafted the perfect outfit from head to toe with an eclectic style is priceless.

This Fashionista has combined a fifties inspired retro look with a few classic touches. The shoes and glasses are reminiscent of the classic dress in the fifties, while the pattern on her shirt adds a retro spin.  The thick laces on her shoes and the combination of the tan with brown piping makes them a focal point, without taking away from the rest of her outfit.  The thick-rimmed glasses also conjure images of poodle-skirts and the jive with their reddish tint.

To add a little drama to her outfit, this Fashionista chose a dark shirt with a light pattern. This makes the Eiffel Tower picture really pop. This classic image of Paris is whimsical and adds another dimension to this outfit.  I love her choice to add a kelly-green sweater to this eclectic ensemble.

When mixing and matching styles, decades or patterns, just remember to include a pop of color and be confident.

Hint: Want other ideas of how to mix and match? Try starting with fabrics, patterns or colors! For example, start with a short, sexy dress and add a pair of rugged ankle boots. Or go with a classic style skirt and spice it up with a studded sweater. Mixing fabrics also makes any outfit look unique! Try a holiday dress with a chunky sweater—they’re both in style and they look even better together!

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When I was younger, my parents would push me to attempt jigsaw puzzles — but we all figured out that I would soon get frustrated looking for the next piece to complete the scene. I must admit that doing those puzzles did help me build a logical component that has stuck with me. Who knew that puzzles would be similar to getting dressed?! We take different pieces of clothing and try to piece them together to make the perfect outfit: an outfit that is memorable, sweet, yet risky, and one that we, in the end, will feel confident wearing.

This Fashionista caught my eye at the Cobra Starship and 3OH!3 concert with her bold colors and use of several patterns and textures. At first glimpse this outfit may look a little much, but the more I studied it the more I began to love her style! Although she does mix and match, she stays consistent with her colors: blue, black, and orange. My favorite part of the overall look is the neon orange bra, which is perfect for summer! The bra pops against the faded blue and white oversized tank top making it a little surprise when she moves her arms. Another aspect that makes this outfit summer-esque is the fact that this Fashionista still incorporates shorts. Instead of tattered shorts, which used to be a summer staple in my middle school Abercrombie and Fitch days, this Fashionista sticks with a clean cut jean short that doesn’t distract from the rest of the outfit. Two ways this Fashionista adds a little spice to her outfit is with her oversized satin bow and with her lace tights. On their own, these add-ons are sophisticated pieces, but matched with the rest of her outfit they have a more playful charm.
Mixing and matching may sound like a crazy idea at first, but in the end somehow we always pull together a great outfit.

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