It was a beautiful day in Chicago when I spotted this Fashionista with a perfect transition from winter to spring outfit. Her ability to mix prints well and her addition of a pop of color is what made me love her outfit. She wore a cotton pinstriped dress, a lightweight jacket, a pink Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, a bohemian inspired scarf and tights with boots. She mixed cold weather items with warm weather items as well as prints.

It seems as if mixing prints would make your outfit clash, but as long as you do it correctly, numerous prints can compliment each other well. Take notes from this Fashionista, who wore a black and white print and combined it with a colorful one. This combination works perfectly because the black and white print is muted, whereas the colorful print is a louder textile. When you put both together they do not clash, but rather balance each other out. Also, one of the most important things to mixing prints together successfully is that they have a common element.

Some other ways you can mix prints is by matching a floral blazer with a lace print. Floral and lace work well together because they are both intricate, flowery prints. The floral blazer is a great spring item to have, as floral has been a reoccurring print seen in Diane von Furstenberg’s collection as well as Marc by Marc Jacobs. Another way you can mix prints is by wearing an abstract print with a more distinguished print, like a polka dotted cardigan or striped cardigan.

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