STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mixing and Matching the Seasons

It seems as though every week I talk just as much about the weather as I do about that week’s Fashionista. I just can’t help it, though! The spring catalogs are taunting me with sandals and cute dresses while Ithaca keeps taunting me with nice days followed by blizzards! All I can hope is that by the time I get back from my warm spring break, Ithaca will have made up its mind and all this snow will have disappeared. Until then, however, I have been trying to curb my urge to buy all those cute new spring clothes. It just seems unpractical to buy those pieces when the weather really is no different than it was in December! Lately, however, I have realized I was wrong. More and more I see girls proving that you can still wear those new spring outfits without developing a sudden case of overly optimistic frostbite. If you’re like me and enjoy online shopping as a hobby and you’re getting bombarded with catalogs full of bikinis, don’t worry, it can be done.

This week’s Fashionista is showing us how to mix and match spring and winter pieces. While she’s not quite breaking out the bikini, her spring piece is a floral Free People tank (here is a similar option), floral is always a big trend for spring and this is a really cute tank that definitely puts you in that warm state of mind. But, since she is also standing in a foot of snow, she has layered that top with a vintage chunky sweater and a fitted pea coat from H&M. The yellow color of her sweater is one of my favorites because it adds a pop of color while still remaining neutral enough to pair with almost anything and obviously keeping her warm while wearing that little top. Finally, she has completed her outfit with leggings that balance out the heavy layering on top and boots to get her through all that snow!

Hint: This idea can be done with almost any spring piece. Simply pick one new item and pair it with all your winter favorites. Throw on tights and boots with your shorts or dresses, add cute socks under those peep toe shoes, add a straw hat or a floral scarf to your outfit, the possibilities really are endless.

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