Lets make it funnier and deal with it like a cake recipe:

First you get a boatneck hippie chic shirt and accessories. Get something very actual like a pair of coloured skinny jeans. A pair of leather soldier boots and combine it with a beautiful Proenza Schouler style bag. Put it all into the cauldron, step back and prepare yourself for the “BOM”.
Okay, okay, maybe I am just daydreaming…
It was confusing at first, but, surely, an original and creative beautiful consequence.

I gave emphasis to the bag and boots combination in one more picture because, not only the bag’s style is making success to our actual wardrobe components, but it looks like it is adapted to the soldier style as well, since the cloth material, the colour and the “R.L.” typography. I cannot imagine her look passing all the clean idea if a single thing were different. Like a simple blue skinny jeans. No, it is well done this way! Everyone can see it by her light expressions. When I asked to take the photograph, she began to smile and laugh. I think even the camera felt that!

And, off course, this Fashionista showed us her charming rock and roll detailing. When I said: “Cool…Red Hot!” she said “Yeah! Rock in Rio!” (Event that is being anxiously waited here in Rio de Janeiro.) It seems that we are going to see, from now on, some Fashionistas showing us their translation of anxiousness on their clothes and accessories! I am feeling anxious too, but more about their translations!

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