One of the most rewarding aspects of fashion is the freedom to work without a formula. No single article of clothing is circumscribed to one look, one style, one role. In fact, sometimes our best outfits come from making mistakes, like pairing clashing prints or picking up the wrong jacket on the way to class.

This is exactly what I love about today's Fashionista–her fearless freedom in mixing different styles. Overall, her look is sweet and sharp, feminine and pretty. But when we take a closer look at each item, we can appreciate her sartorial range of genres: romantic, nautical, military, and western.

Her dust-pink blouse with delicate ruffles and airy, white pleated skirt both lend towards a feminine, romantic tone. The wide structured tan belt adds the military feel with three parallel buckles front and center. Her navy and white striped sweater with bold, gold buttons evokes a sailorly charm, and finally her chocolate brown leather boots pay homage to a western trend.

So don't restrict your outfit to any one genre, trend, or style today. Have fun finding out with what grunge + mod, prep + sheer, or whatever this + that equals. Create your own fashion formula and run with it!

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