STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mixing Trends, Trends and Trends

Trying different fashion trends is always fun but mixing too many trends into one outfit can turn out to be a disaster. You might look like you are trying too hard and the clothes might end up wearing you, which is something that no Fashionista wants. If done properly mixing trends looks fashion-forward and fabulous, as seen in the Dolce & Gabbana runway this fall. When mixing trends together, make sure each trend piece is simple. If all trend pieces are bold, the outfit will be more of a miss than a hit.

This Fashionista mixes trends by incorporating the military jacket, plaid and large handbag trends all into one outfit. She looks very put together and the look is effortless. It doesn’t look like she is trying too hard, and this is key when mixing trends. Make sure that you wear your outfit with confidence, don’t let the clothes wear you. The colors that this Fashionista chose to wear work well with the mixing of the trends. If she wore something brighter it might have looked like she was trying too hard. The simplicity of the military jacket mixes well with the plaid shirt. The large leather handbag is definitely the staple piece of the look. It is gorgeous light pale green with gold studs surrounding it, absolutely gorgeous. Her mom picked it up at a silent auction, which goes to show you that you never know where you will find hidden fashion treasures.

Try mixing fun trends such as a chunky scarf, colorful pants and a knitted crop jumper. Have fun with fashion!

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