During transitional seasons it is often hard to pick the right trendy items to make a statement. Until the weather warms up, try and utilize your trendy fall apparel by mixing and matching it with other fall 2010 trends.

This Fashionisto looks fabulous in this cheetah print sweater and military green cargo jacket. These two nature inspired essentials work surprisingly well together. Paired with fitted black jeans and worn- in boots, his outfit is super edgy. Cheetah print clothing items are not only hard to wear but also hard to continue wearing even as new trends arise. This Fashionisto took one of the harder 2010 fall trends to pull off and made it an everyday look. Dont store away your trendy 2010 fall items, instead mix and match them with your other favorite winter items. This Fashionisto paired his trendy sweater with a more classic millitary jacket to create a downtown edgy look. 

If you were never really into the cheetah print clothing and prefer to mix and match a more classic look try fall 2010 trend–velvet. We saw different forms of velvet on the runway for this past fall season. If you bought a velvet skirt pair it with over the knee boots and a chunky knit sweater. if you stocked up on plaid during the fall, throw a classic sweater on top and finish the look off with your favorite winter boots.

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