This season be prepared for a treat like no other. The winter season always brings such a broad selection of stocking stuffers, especially around this time of year. In fashion there are only so many fashionable pieces that the average shopper can come in contact with. Personally I’ve always dreamed of having couture inspired pieces in my closet and I’m sure many of you have had that same exact dream. Well the wait is over!

Today's Fashionista is wearing a representation of what I call modern couture, or at least the ready to wear kind. She is wearing a printed dress; the top portion resembles a corset and the bottom has a slightly full skirt. And if there’s anything that I know is that I love a skirt with a little bit of exaggeration. Her look purely shouts romance and has a very flirtatious and whimsical aura to it. To amplify her look she pairs her attire with beaded accessories.

Now the news you’ve all been waiting for, my fellow Fashionistas/o you can get a similar haute couture look from my favorite popular retailer. Lanvin for H&M has finally hits H&M stores and with it they bring a couture inspired collection at affordable prices. But if you’re like me and love to admire the more extravagant fashions, Valentino has couture inspired designs with silhouettes that makes a bold yet feminine statement. There are so many places to shop and explore and I can’t wait to discover them all. I’m excited for this seasons shopping and I’m hope you are too.

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