I remember way back when I was a little kid, and I didn't have any sense of fashion or knowledge for myself, so my mother used to dress me in whatever she saw fit. That usually consisted of turtlenecks with little animals or hearts on them, thick itchy sweaters, or corduroy pants, and no matter what my parents thought, I and all fellow children knew that it was not cute. However, as we grow older, we form our own sense of style and sometimes we revert back to where we started from, picking up little tips from the outfits we wore as a child. I came across this Fashionista who was dressed in corduroy overalls, tights and argyle socks, along with a stunning pair of combat boots. It fit together flawlessly and reminded me so much of my childhood years except with a way more modern twist to it.

Recreating this outfit is simple, as anyone who isn't partial to the renovation of the classic overalls, try the softer, more flexible approach using a romper like this one from Forever 21, with a pair of tights or thick stockings underneath to combat the winter chill. Or bring turtlenecks back and make a statement with a bold belt and knee high riding boots, a Winter favorite of mine. Looking back on the past to make an impact on the present day is a great alternative to following what everyone else is doing.

Nostalgia is the best way to stay chic, since everyone knows that history, and fashion, are bound to repeat themselves.

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