I spotted this dance student while traipsing outside the studio one bright morning. Her outfit epitomizes the day in the life of a Barnard student. While it is difficult to capture a woman who scholastically and stylistically stands as a paradigm for the entire Barnard student body, it is nonetheless safe to assume that this Fashionista fits the bill. She is a Pre-Med student with an interest in Art History and a passion for ballet. Her outfit, I think, encapsulates her eclectic everyday.

Beneath the elegant and pragmatic silhouette of her J.Crew jeans and Theory draped cream top she dons a leotard. I would have had no idea that she was a ballerina had I not spotted her leaving the studio; her ensemble aptly conceals any trace of early morning dance classes past. However, this student carries herself with grace comparable to that of a dancer at the barre.

This student, who tenduing across the dance floor, is sure to cover her well worn toes in comfortable leather biker boots. Their rough exterior aesthetic is counteracted by their soft, well worn material. The biker boots are an allegory for this danseur: their superficial appearance only tells half of the story.

While this student buckles herself down in basics, she adds some sartorial complexities, namely several stacked rings, a statement necklace and red rouge lips and nail lacquer. Her necklace was purchased in New York from Judith and Charles. Her rings are from a host of places and hold a handful of meanings: one is a friendship band, one is made by her friend, one is from Cape Cod, one is from Boston, one is from Italy and one is her mother’s. I love rings; they are a delicate and oft subtle way to intensify any outfit. The small silver orbs tell a many layered, personal story.

Use this Fashionista’s pragmatic outfit as a template: If you are a college student, you are probably all too used to having 26 hours worth of tasks to accomplish in an ever-short day. Layer basics that are easy to remove, throw on some lip rouge and stack your favorite rings (or accessory of choice) atop your nimble fingers.

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