To be called one-dimensional is never considered a compliment. No one likes to be referred to as boring, lackluster and uninteresting (some official synonyms). Being one-dimensional in the world of fashion as well is not something to aim for — however, that should not be equated with the idea of a monochromatic outfit. For those without a root in middle school Latin, a monochromatic outfit is one composed of only one color. As one can imagine, monochromatic looks can, well, come off a little one-dimensional if not done the correct way. When done correctly, however, they can look crisp and fashion-forward.

This Fashionista shows us how to pull off the monochromatic look in a good basic color for those afraid to try the trend — black. The key to making a monochromatic outfit pop, even if it is all-black, is the interplay with texture and accessories. Check out the leather combat boots, long necklace and unique bag in the picture that allow this Fashionista to be decked out in black without looking like she is going to a death metal concert.

Looking for a basic template to begin your monochromatic experience? Start with a basic tube bodysuit from American Apparel paired with a skinny black pair of Joe's. Add a black lace blazer from Urban Outfitters to put some contrast in the type of materials you are rocking. Finally, add a big statement necklace (like this turquoise one from Forever 21) to complete the look. With a look like that, I would dare anyone to call you anything like one-dimensional.

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