With a cloudy sky and spotty rain, a Fashionista can feel like forgoing style for a day. This Fashionista incorporated a popular spring trend to stay fabulous regardless of the weather: minimalism. What exactly is minimalism, right? Think neutral color palettes, few accessories and one statement piece.

This simple style doesn’t have to be boring! This Fashionista used an off-white coat as the center of her outfit. With a khaki scarf and brown boots, her outfit is full of warm neutrals. She lets her feminine peacoat with large buttons, a flair waist and a loosely tied belt speak for itself. Without the use of color this Fashionista manages to make a statement.

To finish off her minimalistic look, she has hair pulled back with a tight braid to hold back bangs and avoids jewelry.

Minimalistic fashion comes in all colors and styles. Renee Zellweger does minimal with a simple dress and neutral heels. Whether it’s a heel, flat or boot, neutral colored shoes are a great accessory for a minimal look! Like today’s Fashionista, just choose a main piece and dress around it.

If you want the minimal look, but still aren’t sure how to go about it, follow these simple guidelines. Avoid bold or flashy jewelry. Think crisp and clean for everything, including hair and make-up. Go for clothes with clean lines, but don’t limit texture and color.



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