Besides denim jackets being a top item for fall, leather pieces seem to be a top contender for outerwear as well. There are endless reasons as to why this is an A+ look but what I like most about this style is that it gives a feminine look an extra edge. This grunge piece is perfect for warmer days because it is more of a cropped fit. One designer that uses leather in his collections is Fashion Designer Rick Owens. His designs are very glamour meets grunge and is very popular among A-list celebs such as Lindsay Lohan as well as Kirsten Dunst. While many of us are on college budgets we can still lust over glamourous over the top pieces yet save money in our wallets by going a different route to stores such as All Saints and Top Shop. This week's Fashionista chose to wear a grey cropped leather jacket. She is also wearing a button down shirt and a pair of straightleg black skinny jeans. What works with her outfit is that she chose to play off a neutral color pallete instead of adding bright colors. She is also wearing a pair of midheel shoes. Besides leather jackets this look also can be seen in legging form and in vests!.

Hint: Want to get a similiar look to this week's Fashionista? This faux leather jacket is perfect in price and is so basic that it would go with any outfit. Not into the leather jacket style? These leggings have a detailing on the side and would go well with any outfit especially with a pair of heels for going out or flats for heading to class.

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