STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mustard Perfection

This week's Fashionisto has not only taught me a lot about personal style, but also that I need to start working out more often as I literally had to chase him down the street in order to get a picture of his great style!

Everything he’s wearing works perfectly together, starting with the dim, mustard quilted jacket with the corduroy collar and the corduroy elbow patches right to the classic leather loafers, the tie and the bowler hat — this outfit screams perfection. A look like this could easily look too pulled together…not in this case though. This week’s Fashionisto wore the outfit with such confidence and ease that everyone around him looked kind of sloppy (including me!)

This is a great fall look, and definitely school appropriate. Not everyone dares to rock a tie, but once you know how to wear it, it is a simple detail that will immediately make you look professional and, as in this case, very stylish.

Loafers are the must-have shoes of the fall, and if you are looking for a new variation of it, take a look at Topshop’s new take on the loafer — a lot simpler than the original one, but just as much of a statement shoe.

The mustard quilted jacket, available at Topman, reminds me of a country style Ralph Lauren jacket and is a great piece to dress up a simple white T-shirt and give it some personality. And, of course, mustard is one of the great colors of the fall.

Hint: Last but not least, we all know that a hat is not only a great accessory, but also a great way to hide your hair on a typical “bad hair day.” What’s important with hats is that you find the right one for you. There are many variations out there — the fedora is a classic, or now that winter is approaching fur hats and beanies are making their way back into our closets. For the Fashionistas, I advise getting a big floppy felt hat, which is an extremely popular item this season and a great combination of casual and elegant!

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