Going to college means a time for freedom and exploring your inner Fashionista. Being surrounded by hundreds of other students gives us the inspiration to figure out our own personal style. One thing that has been trending for awhile now is thrifting. Thrifting has become a hot topic these days with YouTubers, like Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters and the twins from The Fashion Citizen, who present their style by mixing and matching thrifted pieces. Finding a one-of-a-kind item at a low price — who wouldn’t want that? However, there’s also the problem of going into the thrift store itself. Some people may be too shy to go in alone, while others just can’t stand the smell of all the secondhand clothing. 

A lot of thrifted clothes are from years ago — they are probably even as old as our parents are. Ding, ding! Can we say light bulb? If thrifting isn’t for you, here’s an alternative solution: go raid your parent’s closet. Yes, right now! You just might find something that is trendy, fashionable and ultra-chic. I noticed this Fashionista because of her super cute jacket. The little detailed stitching and big buttons definitely caught my eye. They reminded me of tweed jackets (that are currently trending, by the way) that are unique in their own way. After finding out that she got it from her mother’s closet, I was inspired to raid my own mother’s closet. I found a couple of tops; with a tweak here and there, they will be the perfect incorporation into my outfits. 

Throw on this cute little jacket over a minimal outfit to make it really pop. Instead of wearing a midi-maxi skirt, I love how this Fashionista wore a fuller, longer skirt that reached right above her ankle, letting us all see her cute black flats. To all the shoe-a-holics out there: is there anything better than showing your shoes off? Put on a pair of round sunnies and sophisticate your look with a top knot bun. Here is a great tutorial. Check out your aunt’s closet, or go even further back in time and raid your grandma’s closet! You never know what treasures you just might find.

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