What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving a couple days early with a native-inspired scarf that symbolizes America’s past by Native(X). Strong colors along with the tightly knit abstract design make this long and lightweight scarf an easy and eclectic accessory you can throw on over a sweater or coat.

This Fashionista wrapped her scarf into a chic layer over her equally drool-worthy fringe knit sweater. Although her sweater has major details in the same area where her scarf sits, neutral colors in the rest of her outfit allow the scarf to stand out and also draw the eye upward and add a pop of color to her face (and not to mention complement her red locks).

When choosing a scarf, a thin or extra long style gives you maximum amount of possibilities. Don’t limit yourself to just the neck. Scarves can serve as headbands, hair ties, belts, and even shirts. Check out how other people are wearing their scarves at

If an Hermes is not quite in your future, a cool scarf can be found almost anywhere. Here were my favorites:

ZaraTopshopLa Garconne

There are many other versions of this scarf at Native(X), all for a reasonable price, something we should all be thankful for this season.  

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