With finals around the corner, students are running a flurry around campus; projects, last minute meetings, and even graduation seems to be amongst top priorities.  However, all the great outfits milling around campus didn’t shock me in the slightest.

This week, our Fashionista mixes grunge and preppy attire to create a perfect cloudy-day outfit.  Nautical prints seem to pop up almost everywhere nowadays; interestingly enough, these particular prints have been popular since the 1940s.  There is definitely a classic feel to nautical prints; it executes a sophisticated air without much effort.  From sailor dresses, to a basic black and white top, nautical fashion has truly progressed through the years.  However, this week’s Fashionista was able to mix a basic nautical top, with distressed boots, for a more modern twist.  Her oversized, army-esque jacket juxtaposes her preppy nautical theme perfectly, making her stand out instantaneously.  Not only does her outfit stand out, but her stylish haircut, and anchor pendent helps complete the unique look.  Adding some grunge attire to a preppy look makes an outfit that much more intriguing, and this Fashionista accomplishes this tricky combination perfectly.  She adds fish net tights for a feminine touch to help maintain her chic ensemble.  

Going for the distressed look?  Try these boots, a basic tee, and an oversized sweater.  The preppy look?  Try a cuffed chino pant, a nautical top, and a pair of knock-off Sperry Top Siders.  To complete the outift, add a pop of color!  Never be afraid to experiment; after all, it's all about the art of juxtaposing.  Until next time, adieu! 


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