With spring slipping into the city, the upcoming trends are trickling into stores and onto to sidewalks in spades. Among the feminine floral and cropped classics, one timeless trend in particular has transcended the seasons. Fixate your fashion compass on this year’s nautical fashions.

This week’s Fashionista suits up in a scarf and stripes, easing into this spring’s trend with tact and taste. Combining simple stripes with royal red and blue accents, this Fashionista’s primary colored palette is certainly pointing seaward. This sailor inspired dress complete with leather-embellishment creates a flattering contour, contrasted against the sleek silhouette of black tights and ballet flats. Carefully combining her cropped piece with a lengthy sweater, this week’s Fashionista puts a winter spin on a timeless spring trend. Finished with the subtle detailing of brass buttons and a rope belt, her seafaring ensemble is tied together with effortless simplicity.

To snag sailor-inspired pieces as chic as this Fashionista’s, check out Madewell and LuLu’s.

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