Holy heatwave! How much do you love this weather? Let me out of work, I need to get to the beach! The beach is definitely my summer spot, and what is it usually filled with? Boats of course, filled with sailors… you catch my drift. When it comes to summer fashion, nothing takes the cake quite like the classical nautical look.

This week’s Fashionista does nautical chic like a pro in her stripped top, skinny jeans, and my personal favorite, boat shoes! When you want something preppy, stripes are definitely the way to go and have amazing potential to dress up any outfit day or night. This Fashionista will catch your attention if you see her on the street, but her stripes won’t overwhelm you! More like inspire you!

Stripes definitely aren’t just for sailors! Get inspired by this week’s Fashionista and add a ticker-stripe tee to a pair of jeans for a subtle and classic nautical look. This is the perfect casual outfit, and if you add a white blazer or sweater, you will have nautical down to a T. If you are lucky enough to make it to beach, you will definitely want to bring this linen stripe popover with you. The summer nights are sometimes a little chilly, so a stripped sweater is the perfect way to keep warm and stay fashion forward. For those hotter days try this red striped suntop with some white shorts or jeans. Don’t forget about those sailor-inspired shorts! I love these garment-dyed midi shorts in thai chilli. Not only is red a power color, it a confidence booster too. Add a pair of boat shoes and your look will be complete. Let your inner sailor out and rock a nautical-themed piece or two.

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