It's an unwritten rule that black is most flattering on Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike. It's a safe bet that when you ask the sales associate "Does that come in black?", 9 out of 10 times the black version will look the best. Every go-to dress, coat and even pair of shoes that I religiously live in are black. Clearly, this neutral color is something I couldn't imagine living without.

When it comes to accenting my black pieces I tend to turn to other neutrals such as navy and brown. While fashion "rules" once stated that navy and black were a major no-no, today's Fashionista confirms that combining these two colors together is a must. If it weren't for the rich navy blazer, her black formfitting pants wouldn't make as much of a statement. It's the strong contrast between these two colors that makes her basic blazer and denim outfit trendsetting.

Hint: Yes, wearing navy and black can sometimes can be inferred that you were dressing by candle light and overlooked the slight shade difference. It's kind of like when your dad puts on two socks in the morning and ends up at work with a black and dark navy one. Major embarrassment. This isn't the case though if you find the right navy shade and make sure it stands out just enough against the black of your ensemble. Today's Fashionista’s combination was definitely not an accidental choice- totally planned and well received!

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