Just as a friend of the sun, the navy trend comes back every summer, and for a reason. When the weather gets hot and the sunlight flashes on the surface of the sea, surely your body will instantly feel the calling of this salt water to get refreshed. So then, better get prepared for the beach, baby.

The men’s outfit is always more easy to compose that women’s, but as I already said, if your going to bet on less pieces, better be smart and creative because the more simple the more hard to make it outstanding. So, just like this Fashionisto, if you going to risk on navy, go for the stripes, especially the ones with blue and white (the traditional colors). You can try not only a traditional look, but just like Fashionito – a resort kind with flip flops on place of top sidders and beige shorts. Combining trends is always a good way to make them look more interesting and adjusted to your own style. As you can see the result, this Fashionisto adopt the navy/resort style not simply copping the trens from magazines, but making it adjusted to his own taste.

As I already said, use and reuse your havaiannas because they are never out to date and they are the great shoes for summer. Make you look simple, fresh but still different and with some smart touches. Mix navy, white, red and beige and don’t full fill your look with too many characteristics pieces, because it can make you outfit looks like a costume. Find some inspiration on resort collections and on the street and take your own risk.

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