STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Neither Too Long Or Too Short

In Melbourne, when it comes to spring/summer dressing, girls often resort to maxi skirts or mini shorts. Maxi skirts or dresses are usually worn in floral and extremely flowy, while shorts are normally in plain white or black in super short length. Both are worn to minimise heat on the lower body depending on whether you want a tan on you or not.

In the past few seasons, 1970s trend had made a huge comeback with its calf length skirts and dresses. From A-line, bell shaped, to pencil and circle shaped, everything had been chopped down to midi length. What is considered as midi length? Basically the length has to be slightly below the knee or a little above the ankle and stops right around the middle of your calf.

This Fashionista wears a midi length dress in cigarette burn print from Kitschen, a chain link necklace from Lovisa and a pair of tasselled ballerina loafers from Wittner that shows a perfect midi length style of dressing that looks summer but not typical floral everywhere kind of summer. She wears the midi dress with a cigarette burn print that reminds me of Jason Wu’s 2010 collection and matched it with a simple black belt tied in a knot. It was simple but not too much of a typical summer print that everyone envisions especially with those cute pair of loafers in nude. And she brings even more edge with her chain link necklace that is more rough and eccentric to lift up the black and white dress.

Wearing a midi length skirt or dress requires much eye to detail. You have to know how long should the midi length rests, depending on what shoes you wear. If you are wearing a longer midi that rest on your calf towards the ankle, get a pair of heels and if you are wearing a midi slightly below knee, you have the option of wearing flats or heels. This is all to match and complement your height as not everyone is born with a model’s exquisite height and waistline. To end a great note to a new summer dressing, pair it with a nice pair of sunglasses and in this Fashionista’s case, a pair of nude Burberry sunglasses.

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