STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Neutralize Your Summer Style

 As the month of August comes to an end, trends begin to transition from summer to fall. For instance, color palettes change from light to dark tones, short sleeves turn into sweaters, and all those cute colorful sandals are replaced with pairs of warm boots. I usually witness this transition when going to the mall to scope out the latest in fashion, but let's not get ahead of ourselves because some trends will carry over to the new season. One major trend that will never get old is the classic neutral palette. One reason is because it serves as the foundation for any ensemble. On the other hand, neutrals go beyond basics, and can light up a room for any occasion like these ASOS dresses. This Fashionista shows how she blends neutral tones to create a nice daytime look.

This featured look proves that neutrals can be fun in the summer! This Fashionista is wearing a neutral babydoll dress with black detailing.The sheer fabric is light weight, which allows for it to flow beautifully in the summer breeze. Blending different tones add character to any outfit. Notice how she pairs a darker tone neutral wrap to accent the dress. This ensemble is quite casual with a pair of flip-flops, but you can easily dress it up with heels and a nice clutch.

Neutrals are very versatile, which make it very easy for styling and creating new ensembles. If your going to do a compete neutral look, make sure you add hints of color to further personalize. Try adding bright hues or unique patterns like florals or stripes. If your still having trouble, Oprah has a nice article on how to wear neutrals in the summer time. Remember neutralizing your closet works great for every season, so embrace this trend year round!

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