There are some patterns that are classic. Polka dots are definitely in that class of always dependable print. The downside? How do you make a classic print not look so tired and dated?

This Fashionista took the polka dot and turned it on its head by incorporating more than one trend into her look. First, I admired her use of mixing patterns. The polka dots in her top are closer together than those in her bottom creating a playful contrast. This Fashionista also incorporated the always popular color block trend by opting for two hues on the opposite spectrum of red (even in her mani pedi as well- bonus points!). When taking on so many trends, it is important to keep the rest of your accessories simple. I love how her white boxy handbag and shoes definitely add an element to this Fashionista's overall look without being distracting.

This summer, take on a classic print and challenge your self to take it to the next level. My advice? The polka dot pant is a great way to take on this classic print while still be trendy and appropriate while interning this summer. Who knows, with a standout look like this Fashionista's, you may just get spotted.

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