We are getting to that point in summer where it is not only hot, but the air is sticky, heavy, and down right disgusting. When the weather gets to be like this, it’s hard to think of anything besides how to stay cool.

This Fashionista shows us how to show some skin in the humidity while still remaining hip as ever. The cut outs on her bralette are a great way to let some ventilation in without being vulgar. The whimsical swan pattern on her top tones down the overall look so it isn’t overly sexy. The tie-dyed print of this Fashionista skirt is also subtle and brings a sense of lightness to the overall ensemble.

For those of you heading to Lollapalooza this weekend, take note from this Fashionista. When temperatures reach 97 degrees while dancing along to one of our favorite groups, Fun., you will sure be glad you did!

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