Most college students try to choose a “responsible” major. Whether it be education, journalism or economics, the reality is that most of us won’t grow up to be a rock star. But just because you may have shelved your dreams to be a rock star, doesn’t mean you can’t dress like one.

This Fashionista illustrates that dressing like a rock star doesn’t have to look like a costume. Shop your local Goodwill or thrift store for a vintage T-shirt of your favorite band. Cut off the sleeves, bedazzle, bleach, slash or otherwise customize the T-shirt. Not in the DIY mood? You can get a vintage-inspired T and you are good to go.

To finish off the look, pair the T with a pair of cut-offs, killer shades and the ultimate rock star footwear- Dr. Martens. While Pete Townshend of The Who preferred the all black 1460s, this Fashionista opted for a feminine, floral pair. Dr. Martens come in all patterns and styles so you can find a pair that personifies your inner rocker.

This week let you freak flag fly. Grab a vintage T, blast some ‘60s music and rock your campus!

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