If there is one thing Fashionistas love it is a good pattern. Paisley. Plaid. Ikat. Animal Print. From head to toe, an outfit usually is not made unless a good pop of pattern is present.

While Fashionistas usually reserve a single pattern for a given outfit, this Fashionista mix and matched patterns. While the mix-and-match phenomenon has been happening for some time now, it is important to note the proportions and patterns this Fashionista opted for. The use of the ultra-girly leopard with the masculine color blocking of her scarf creates a unique juxtaposition that goes beyond the typical execution of mix-and-match trend.

This week, search your closet for two dichotomies of fashion prints. Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and throw on a pair of leopard smoking slippers. Top your look off with a masculine print scarf, like this option, to create a contrast. A look like this is sure to get you noticed while you head to the library and bunker down for exams!

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