There are some trends from the past that should stay buried. Colored tuxedos on guys. Polyester everything.  But then there are those trends that the fashion community welcomes with open arms.

This season, the revival of the 1970s is alive with the resurgence of corduroy. Corduroy pants were a staple of Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike during the ‘70s (cue the images of Greg and Marcia Brady). Even my mom sported some killer pairs back in the day, which I still am upset she gave away. But luckily they are back, as this Fashionista demonstrates. The burnt copper color of her pair is “totally” ‘70s as well. She modernizes the look by pairing the pants with a collared shirt and oversized cropped sweater. The military boots add some edge to the ensemble.

Instead of saying, “Marcia. Marcia. Marcia,” go out and grab yourself some colored cords. The color options are endless!

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