In any given season, there are tons of trends flying around. And while it may be tempting to layer hundreds of trends into a single outfit, it is always important to show some restraint and limit yourself to two or three trends max at a time.

This Fashionista clearly focused herself around a few basic trends and executed them in a singular outfit that screams perfection. First off, is the color teal. Patone has named this hue the color of the season and this Fashionista showcases this bold color in her casual skirt and statement necklace. The next trend she illustrates is the cross body bag.With purses getting large enough to carry a small child, its refreshing to see Fashionistas scaling back and carrying with them the essentials in these reasonably sized satchels. And the final trend is animal print. Whether it be leopard print, snake skin, or pony hair, animal prints and textures are back again this season in a big way. Try it a coat, shoes, or in a bag like this Fashionista.

The biggest part of trends, however, Fashionistas, is making them your own. This week, find what trends best suit your personality and rock a few of them at a time.

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