Today’s Fashionista capitalized on the Windy City’s strange flash of fall heat. The offbeat mixture of patterns and volumes makes this lovely lady’s look pop with interesting dynamic and swag. The wafer style shades put a retro spin on the look, but my favorite accessory is this Fashionista’s extra long flowing locks; a fall trend in itself. The best part about the rapunzel inspired do, is that you do not have to be blessed by the gods to get hair that looks this good. Any Fashionista who can work a comb and a pair of clip on extensions can accomplish this glamorous look.

My favorite looks are those that cause you to question them at first glance, but upon the second reaffirm why you looked so hard in the first place. This Fashionista nails every piece of her outfit together by making sure each item compliments the next. Her green/grey boho crop top matches her woven wrap wedges perfectly, while emphasizing the pop of color in both her body hugging skirt and satchel. Extra attention was taken into consideration while pairing the neon Aztec high waist skirt (multiple fall trends in themselves) with a bag that plays in the eye catching blue that initially caught your attention. The Fashionista’s wafers and boyfriend blazer add sophistication and versatility with a look that can be mildly altered for a day to night ensemble.

Replacing common neutrals with colors that are mild, yet versatile was a trend visible in prior seasons with metallic’s and yellows and it's once again emerging this fall. The new neutral; Mustards, greys, and military faded greens. Our Fashionista is walking proof of this strategy’s effect. Try it yourself by combining a colorful solid or graphic patterned skirt with the new neutrals of the season. For a style similar that weathers the cold more efficiently, opt for winter worthy grey accessories such as this fur scarf from Intermix or DSW's affordable booties.

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