STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: New York Loves Black on Black

New Yorkers are always know for their love for Starbucks and their black on black attire especially those in the fashion industry. From head to toe this outfit has been executed perfectly. Starting from the top, our fashionista blocks the sun in vintage statement sunglasses.

Vintage sunglasses have been a rising trend throughout the fashion world. Continuing downward, today's Fashionista is dressed for the weather in her American Apparel black button front cape. Underneath the cape she wore a black top that hung beneath her cape.

Today's Fashionista used her denim to put together her entire look. I really liked how she decided to wear black/grey jeans instead pure black. This is true style. If you notice these jeans also have a zipper inside of the leg which she unzipped to show her fantastic Jeffrey Campbell Clinic booties, in black of course!

Although, these are not just like any other black wedge they are caged with a pointed front and have a mirrored accent piece of the outside of the heel. These shoes are another statment piece for this Fashionista's ensemble.

If you are wondering what alternatives or additives could complement this outfit for example a fun ring could give a pop of color, or a large floppy hat! Try new things with your accessories, you never know what you are going to end up with!

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