I am a constant shopper. I spend hours online, visiting various fashion websites and blogs. I spend my Sunday afternoons Downtown State College, just walking in and out of stores. Although not always practical, I tend to gravitate towards fun, casual clothing. After shopping this past weekend, I came home with not one but two fun, casual tops. I realized I had nothing to wear to work but I had a month's worth of poolside clothing. I either needed to spend more money buying more professional attire or find a way to integrate my beloved day-time apparel. This Fashionista caught my eye for finding the balance. She took a fun, flowly top and paired it with dark-gray slacks. She finished her look off with simple black sandals and chandelier earrings. The dark gray slacks created the needed balance to her shirt, which made it office appropriate. When trying to merge the two worlds of your wardrobe, it's best to wear only one casual piece. Then, keep every other piece neutral. If your top is a colorful print, pair it with solid pants. (think: gray, white, black, etc.) For professional clothes, I love to shop at Express. They have well-made suits and pants for a reasonable price. They also have different style pants for everyone's body type. These pants are a great starting point for any wardrobe!

Hint: You don't always have to wear high heels to the office. Flats or kitten-heels will work for professional settings and also when you hit the clubs. The cute buckle on these flats is subtle enough for the office but stylish enough for dinner with the girls!

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